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“Live the life you want to lead”.

This is has been my motto for as long as I can remember; it inspires, excites, and invites one to be their best self on a daily basis, all while giving gratitude for the abundance that life has to offer.

AnastasiaRAW is an expression of just that, and why I made the decision to progress in the direction of my dreams everyday, through athleticism, veganism, and traveling the world in search of new adventures.

Some of these adventure include: hiking in the mountains of Hawaii, basking in the sun of the Caribbean islands, enjoying the yoga and fruit in Bali, and cycling through the Adirondack Mountains, with a trailer full of fresh, juicy watermelon following closely behind. The best part? The fact that there are still so many adventures to be had.

Join me, and let’s progress together!

–Β Anastasia, Founder of AnastasiaRAW

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